About Us

luthreszkeMARS Swissies are owned by Anna Hansen and Family.

MARS is located in the Northeastern part of Illinois (Wheaton), about 30 miles west of Chicago. We are not a kennel, but rather a family that believes in raising, showing and working our dogs. Our dogs are treated as members of our family. While we do not have litters often, when we do, they are family raised and socialized. When we do not have litters we do refer potential puppy buyers to litters that are raised to meet our standards and have parents with passing health clearness and AKC championships (or performance titles).

We have been raising Swissies since 1996. We are proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Anna grew up showing and raising Keeshonden, in both obedience and confirmation. She is a Registered AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator. Anna believes all dogs should have a basic obedience understanding. With training a Swissy will make a well-mannered family member.

Anna is a founding member, past president, secretary, director and current vice president of the Lake Shore Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club. Anna is also an active member in good standing, past director and current secretary of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America and a past director of the American Greater Swiss Breeders Association. In addition, Anna is a member of the Crooked River Swissy Club and Ozark Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club.

Anna is active in planning many Greater Swiss Mountain Dog events. She has been the past show chair of the 2001 and the 2010 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America National Specialties. She has also been the obedience chair for the 2008 GSMDCA National Obedience Trial. Anna is currently the co-chair for the 2016 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America National Specialty.

She was honored to be chosen to receive the 2010 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America “Friend of the Swissy” award.

Currently, MARS Swissies have been working on importing in a few top quality, young Greater Swiss with the hopes that they will pass health clearances, demonstrate desire/ability to do performance events, be able to meet our AKC standard and live social, happy, healthy lives. It is our hopes that these young imports will grow into an asset to diversify our small gene pool.


If you are interested in a puppy or adult, please complete our puppy application that is located on this site.