Our Dogs

awitchMARS Swissies strives to produce good all-around Swissies. Our goal is to breed and raise healthy, sound dogs with wonderful temperaments to fit into homes as treasured companions. We like to believe our treasured companions are going to live long, healthy lives doing active events such as obedience, herding, weight pull, pack dog, therapy and any other activities a family may desire to participate in. We also like for our dogs to be excellent representatives of the breed and capable of attaining their AKC championships.

Most importantly, our goal is to provide any puppy buyer with a well socialized puppy that will grow into a sound adult with a totally lovable temperament.

As we live in a suburb of Chicago we are limited as to how many dogs we can have, plus we like to put lots of time and training into the ones we do have. Therefore we do not have litters often, but do work with other breeders that have the same priorities we do.

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